Video Transcript:

In reality, you can learn a new habit in a matter of days, but since you’re a grownup, you aren’t learning a new habit. You’re attempting to replace an old bad habit with a similar new, good habit. And that takes considerably longer than six weeks. Why? Because your brain has to grow new neurons to carry the information related to performing the new habit. Then your brain has to start to prune the neurons that are no longer being used to carry the information from the old habit. And that takes a long time, months, years, maybe the rest of your life. 

Think about it. It’s very difficult to un-learn how to ride a bicycle. The same is true for habit. You’re replacing and un-learning an old habit. If you’ve had a life out of balance for years, it’s going to take a long time of work and practice to create new and better habits. It isn’t just about having a great idea for balance. It’s about the work and practice of executing that great idea. 

Don’t get discouraged. 

I’m dr. Roger Hall, and I hope this was helpful.

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