Doom and Gloom

In their book, Abundance: The Future is Better than you think, Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler argue that the evidence is stacking up with reasons for hope. It’s just that some people like Gloom and Doom.

DIY Brain

Dr. Roger Hall, psychologist, speaker, author, and practitioner, whose work focuses on helping leaders think about their thinking and reevaluate their nutritional needs toward the goal peak mental and whole person performance.In this podcast conversation, Dr. Hall shares insights and wisdom specifically tailored to a leader’s Third Turn challenges and realities.

From Addiction to Restoration

This is a detour from my regular posts. Dan Gregory has been my dear friend since 1987. To date, he has never given me one piece of bad advice. Please watch and learn about his work to create Restore — an addiction and recovery center in Northeast Ohio.