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Learning to recognize erroneous thinking can help you beat bad habits, and replace them with better ones. Through mental rehearsal and with some help from mental connections to everyday elements of daily life, the brain’s wiring can actually reroute itself. Replacing negative and unhelpful thoughts with more accurate ones will lead to different actions.

Staying Happy Being Productive

What could you accomplish if you were more productive every day?
Staying Happy, Being Productive gives you the tools you need to transform your happiness factor and daily productivity. Having studied the lives of successful people in his over 25-year career as a psychologist, Dr. Roger Hall has found 10 common habits of his most successful clients.


Expedition, by Dr. Roger Hall is a distillation of the essential content that he presents at weekend retreats, executive round-tables, and in leadership development sessions. – It’s A Proven Process. – It’s for those who want a life they have always wanted. – It’s for those in a position of leadership, but a little lost on how to improve. – It’s for those who are not yet in a position of leadership, but want to prepare for the responsibility when it comes.

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For more information about this, read Dr. Roger Hall’s latest book, “Staying Happy, Being Productive”

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