"I teach people to monitor and manage their thinking."

After years of treating people’s psychological problems, I have found that out-of-control thinking leads to out-of-control emotions. Errors in thinking really do lead to emotional problems life.

“DIY BRAIN: The Mindset Makeover Manual for Peak Performance will help you find reminders for successful thinking in your everyday life and will teach you to connect them to better thinking habits.”

Podcasts Featuring Dr. Roger Hall

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How To Keep Productivity High When You're Feeling Low

“Dr. Roger Hall, psychologist and author of Staying Happy, Being Productive, advises shifting our focus away from work and towards creating better nutritional and exercise habits.” Barnaby Lashbrooke, Forbes, February 28, 2021

Roger's clients include:

What I do

I change neurobiology and neurochemistry through words. I help successful people become more successful so they can live the life of their dreams.

I Speak.

Complex ideas. Easy to remember. Often entertaining.

I Write.

Change beliefs and brains with words on paper.

I Coach.

Taking a deep dive in one-to-one conversation.

My story

I’ve been speaking in front of groups of people since I was in high school.  At a relatively young age, I learned the power of the spoken word to change people’s lives for the better.  Since I’m pretty good at something that most people (reportedly) fear more than death, I figure I have a responsibility to use that ability for the good.  It is my goal to change as many lives as possible (for the good) beyond my reach and beyond my life.  I speak to groups so I can touch as many lives as possible in person.  I write so I can touch as many lives as possible beyond my reach and my life.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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