Roger’s 2 Cents – 2 of 3 Corona Virus Edition

In the last segment I talked about fear and control and how fear and control are inextricably linked. How there’s very often a legitimate relationship between fear and control. In this segment, I want to talk about fear and information gathering. When we can’t control something, when there’s a thing in our life that we can’t control, what we then do is we substitute information gathering.

Roger’s 2 Cents – 1 of 3 Corona Virus Edition

I am now on my back patio in Idaho. We’re in the middle of the coronavirus quarantine and I have not been out of my house except to go to the grocery store twice, haven’t been out of my house for 20 days, but I have been on the phone with lots and lots of my clients and I thought I would do a, a video series and try to get them out and in somewhat rapid succession to answer some of the common questions and to address some of the common issues that my clients have brought to me. So there are basically three parts that I want to talk about.