Video Transcript:

The master skill is self-discipline. It’s learning to say “no” to yourself.

Frankly, most of you who are listening, watching this, the cow was already out of the barn. If you haven’t learned this as an adult, it’s going to be really hard to learn. When’s the time to learn it, like when you’re four. And so, as a parent, teaching your child how to say no to him or herself is the way to be successful.

As an adult, what many of us fail to do, is see where we have said no to ourselves in the past and use that as a cornerstone habit upon which we build other ways that we say “no” to ourselves.

It’s the delay of gratification. You don’t have to do it now, but tell yourself “no.” Delay for 20 minutes, delay for 24 hours. All of them teach you to delay gratification. It is the predictor of life success — the ability to tell yourself “no.”

And that’s Roger’s 2 cents.

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