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Dr. Roger Hall

Dr. Hall helps people learn to monitor and manage their thinking. For over 25 years, he has consulted with leaders from all types of companies, judges in federal courts, university faculty, social workers, teachers, nurses, construction workers, landscapers, and box-makers…

Comfort Blanket

Things are getting better. According to Matthew Ridley, the author of The Rational Optimist, we have much to look forward to — if we give up a bad mental habit.

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DIY Brain

Dr. Roger Hall, psychologist, speaker, author, and practitioner, whose work focuses on helping leaders think about their thinking and reevaluate their nutritional needs toward the goal peak mental and whole person performance.In this podcast conversation, Dr. Hall shares insights and wisdom specifically tailored to a leader’s Third Turn challenges and realities.

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From Addiction to Restoration

This is a detour from my regular posts. Dan Gregory has been my dear friend since 1987. To date, he has never given me one piece of bad advice. Please watch and learn about his work to create Restore — an addiction and recovery center in Northeast Ohio.

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